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These hoes ain’t loyal

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lol I always open your blog in a new tab and just leave it there, the music is sooooooooo gooood ;)

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34.903 reproduções Blue Roses Chris Brown ft. Ariana Grande


Blue Roses (Snippet). Scheduled for next month.

Chris Brown returned to Instagram and has filled us with pride in their first posts of 2014. He won the award 2and Call. 

2ndCall is a community based organization designed to save lives, by Reducing violence and to assist in the personal development of high risk Individuals, proven offenders, ex-felons, parolees and others who society disregards. 

Congratulations Chris, and we achieve this change PLEASE! 

love you ♥
- Nina Ribeiro

No Grammy is good enough without you to brighten everything. I love you very much, pretty thing! :) ♥